Sustainability Goals

​The ​San Francisco Unified School District ​Sustainability Office ​has been committed to fostering a culture of sustainability since its inception in 2008. ​The goals below were developed in order to provide our students and staff with a healthy, safe and comfortable learning environment while saving money and resources and protecting the natural world.

Reduce building use to less than 20 kBTU/sf/yr by 2040

SFUSD seeks to reduce the energy usage of its buildings to the point where their yearly energy usage can be covered by the yearly production of solar panels installed on the roof. In our climate, a building generally has to achieve an energy usage of 20 kBTU per square foot per year in order for rooftop solar to meet its needs. Currently, our district uses almost twice that amount to operate its buildings.

Reduce water usage 50% by 2030

At SFUSD, incorporating water resilience into our buildings and landscapes prepares us for the inherent seasonality and unpredictability of our water supply. Ideally, our campuses will be efficient in their use of water, capture and store rainwater for use during the drier months, and replenish underlying aquifers. To meet District conservation goals, behavioral and infrastructural improvements will be necessary.

Increase waste diversion from landfill to 85% by 2025

By zero waste we mean that every item that enters the school district will be reused, recycled, or composted at the end of its life with SFUSD. Additionally, we will strive to continually reduce the amount of materials needed to operate the District. In a city where composting and recycling are offered at a cheaper rate than trash, there is great benefit in reducing our waste stream.

Reduce single-family car trips to less than 30% by 2030

Reducing single-family vehicle trips in favor of walking, biking, carpooling, and taking transit will not only help the environment by decreasing carbon emissions and pollution, but also create safer, more connected school communities by lowering congestion, improving physical activity, and activating the streets around our schools.

Connect every student to nature every day

While San Francisco is a dense urban environment, access to nature is essential to student’s wellbeing, academic achievement, and understanding of the world that surrounds them. Our goal is to provide all SFUSD students with free and easily accessible opportunities to explore, learn and play in nature both on school grounds and throughout our City.

Sustainability Snapshot


SFUSD has set lofty sustainability goals and targets. Check out your school’s Sustainability Snapshot to see how close your school is to reaching each of the five Sustainability Goals. Last updated: 2019.