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Where can I find examples of what other schools are doing to earn points?

You can find a full page with great examples of what schools have submitted to earn points here.

Who is my school competing against?

Elementary schools are competing against each other by Supervisorial District, while Middle and High schools are competing across SFUSD. Check the leaderboard to see what schools you’re competing against!

How do I get more people involved at my school?

We’re so glad you are asking! We have resources for that here.

Can you provide water, electricity, or natural gas data for us to share with students?

Yes! We have monthly data for these utilities at all schools. We also have finer grain data for some schools. Email us with what type of data you’re looking for (water, electricity, natural gas, or all), and how you’re hoping to use it.


What counts as an activity?

We welcome all activities big and small as long as your activity relates to one of our five sustainability goals. From picking up trash on the schoolyard to implementing an on-going cafeteria composting system, every bit counts! Get a better idea of what other schools have submitted to earn points here.

How do I find activities for my grade level?

Use the new Activity Menu and select your grade level in the gray "Filter" box.

Do you have lesson plans that are standards aligned?

Yes, most of the curriculum options on the Activity Menu page under “Curriculum” are NGSS and/or Common Core ailgned!

How many points can I earn per activity?

The amount of points awarded will vary per activity. For example, activities that involve the whole school, like assemblies, are worth more than individual activities like teaching a lesson. Here are a few reference points: - School assemblies = 40 points - Classroom presentation = 15 points - Curriculum lesson = 15 points - Field trips = 25 points

I don’t teach a subject that is easy to integrate sustainability with.

We recognize it’s a little more challenging if you’re a single-subject, non-science teacher. That being said, we do have a few resources scattered throughout that are multidisciplinary. For example, SFPUC’s Big Ideas book is full of lesson ideas that are standards align for different subject areas. Alternatively, you could try to cleverly write in sustainability into your lessons, like this Galileo High School teacher wrote her own sustainability math unit. If you do find a way to integrate sustainability into your lessons, please share them with us so we can as share them with other teachers who might have the same issue. More resources: - Living Schoolyards Activity Guide

Is there Spanish curriculum?

We recognize the need for more multilingual resources for sustainability and are actively searching for them. If you have resources like this, please share them with us and we’ll share them here. EPA's Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides, and Online Resources