Mini Challenges

Mini Challenges offer a quick and easy way for everyone to earn points!

Each month, a Mini Challenge will arrive to your email inbox focusing on one of the Sustainability Goals.  When you receive a Mini Challenge, check out the list of activities you can do. You can choose to do one, or tackle multiple over the course of the month!

No matter which Sustainability Goal we're focusing on, the format of Mini Challenge activities will be similar:


Worth 1-3 points - no photo is required, but can be submitted for more points

Take a pledge to commit to a sustainable action related to the Mini Challenge theme to get 1 point. Then, if you take a photo of your pledge and share it on the Points Reporting Form, you'll get 2 more points.

Featured activities

Worth 5 or more points - photo is required 

Whether you're a teacher, staff, principal, student, or family member, we'll suggest an activity especially for you! These activities may take a little extra planning, but they'll be worth more points. After you've done an activity, share your photos on the Points Reporting Form to get points for your school.