OhmConnect is a new fundraising program that turns your energy savings at home into donations for your school. The program is free to use, reduces our community’s use of electricity from the worst polluting power plants, and generate funds for our schools!


You’ll also earn  2 Zero Net Energy points  per sign up for your school in the Earth Day Every Day Challenge!


Signing up for OhmConnect is easy, and anyone with a PG&E smart electricity meter can participate, including school staff and families! Start earning funds for your school by completing the following 3 steps:

1. Click on the link below and enter your zip code.

2. Follow the steps to sign up. Approval from PG&E can take a few days.

3. Save electricity when you receive #OhmHours alerts.

When you save electricity during #OhmHours, you’ll get OhmConnect points that translate into donations for your school. The Sustainability Office will email participants to ask which school you want to donate to, so keep an eye out for that. To find out how much your school has earned, check back on this page throughout the year (coming soon).


What are some easy ways to save electricity?

Easy ways to save during #OhmHours include: turning off lights, not running your dishwasher/laundry machine, and taking a walk outside. Little changes can add up to big savings!

How do donations work?

The Sustainability Office serves as the middleman. That means we’ll receive, process, and pass along donations earned on behalf of all SFUSD schools. After you’ve signed up, we’ll email you to ask which school you want to donate to so that we can make sure the donations get to the right school. Donations will be sent to your school twice a year.

How much can we earn for our school?

Households earn an average of $100 per year. Imagine if you have 20 families signed up - that’s $2,000 for your school! There’s no limit for how much your school can receive, so the more families that are signed up for your school, the more funds your school will potentially receive.

Do OhmConnect points count toward my school's Earth Day Every Day Challenge points?

No, OhmConnect points earned by saving energy at home raise funds for your school, but do not count towards the Earth Day Every Day Challenge. However, you do earn 2 Earth Day Every Day Challenge points for your initial OhmConnect sign up.

What are #OhmHours?

Each week, you will receive alerts from OhmConnect about energy-saving times called #OhmHours. An #OhmHour occurs when it is predicted that the electricity grid will be overloaded with demand (typically between 4pm and 9pm), and energy regulators would prefer to compensate people for reducing consumption, because it is cheaper and prevents the use of “dirty energy”. By saving electricity during #OhmHours, users can prevent these plants from turning on, reduce carbon emissions, and raise funds for schools!

Why do you need my PG&E login information?

During the signup process, OhmConnect uses your utility information to confirm your eligibility in the program. It also allows OhmConnect to analyze your home’s electricity use so that it can determine your energy savings and award you OhmConnect points. It will not allow OhmConnect to access your personal data.

Can Community Choice Aggregates (CCAs) participate?

Yes, as long as your home has a PG&E smart electricity meter.