Report your points

After finishing an activity, submit your photos on the Points Reporting Form. Then, we’ll review your submission and award your school points. Be sure you're signed up for the Challenge or we may not be able to process your points!

Please make ONE submission for each activity completed. If you did an activity more than once (e.g. with different groups of students or for recurring events), submit each occurrence of the activity individually to get extra points.


Who can earn points?

Any teacher, staff, student, or family member can earn points for their school.

Who reports our activities for points?

It is everyone's responsibility to report their own points. After you report your points, the Sustainability Office will review your submission and keep track of the points on the leaderboard.

When do I report points?

You can report points anytime before the end of the Earth Day Every Day Challenge.

Can I submit multiple activities on one form?

No, please make ONE submission for each activity you complete.

How many photos should I take?

We ask for a minimum of one photo per activity, but the more the merrier.

How many points will I get for reporting an activity I created or found on my own?

We use the information that you provide in your Points Reporting Form to award points for your activity. Here are a few reference points: - School assemblies = 40 points - Classroom presentation = 15 points - Curriculum lesson = 15 points - Field trips = 25 points

Do I get extra points for doing an activity more than once?

Yes! Just take a photo each time you do the activity and you'll get points when you submit them to us. You must submit each occurance of the activity individually (on separate forms submissions) to get extra the points.

I've submitted my activity, but why haven't my points shown up yet?

We update the leaderboard monthly, so check back again later.

Can I report an activity I did earlier in the year?

You can report an activity from earlier in the year as long as you have photos of the activity or another form of proof that the activity was completed. If you have further questions, email us at