Ways to earn points

Earn points by doing activities that relate to one of SFUSD’s five sustainability goals. Remember to take a few photos of your activity so you can share them with us later to get points.


You have free reign over the kind of sustainability activities you want to do. We welcome activities big or small and encourage you to get creative in finding ways to integrate more sustainability into your school day.


In fact, the creativity from schools is one of our favorite parts of the Challenge. Take a look at some examples from schools, and you’ll see why!

But sometimes, having ready-to-go resources are also helpful. That’s why we’ve gathered all types of FREE sustainability activities for you to easily find something that interests you.


Browse through by type of activity, and you’ll find a lists with short descriptions, grades targeted, and links to resources or contact information to schedule.


Attend a Community Event

 2 points  

Check out the calendar of community events in the city where anyone (students, family members, school staff) can attend for points. Go to Community Events Calendar.

Fundraise with OhmConnect

 2 points ​​​​

Ready to raise funds for your school by saving electricity at home? Register for OhmConnect and start generating money for your school just by using less electricity during peak hours. Learn more.

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Do an Activity With Your Child

 2 points ​​​​

Do an activity related to one of our sustainability goals with your child(ren). It could be an activity you create, or one you’ve found.

Walking School Bus

 5 points per event 

A walking school bus is a parent/caregiver‐initiated group of children walking to school with one or more adults. Read a quick guide for Walking School Buses or contact Jacquie Zapata-Chavez at gogreen@sfusd.edu for onsite support getting the first one started.

Sign Up for Kid CarPool

 2 points ​​​​

Kid CarPool is a free mobile app to help families facilitate walking, biking, scootering, busing or driving together to school. The app connects families with similar needs: living within a 1-mile radius and have children attending the same school. Learn more.

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